DopplerPad 1.6, now I get it

I was starting to think that I really had missed something here, but thankfully I hadn’t. According to this post from Retronyms the new version of DopplerPad with audioCopy won’t work until version 3.0 of FourTrack is available, which should be any time now I hope.

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DopplerPad 1.6 – FourTrack Integration

The long awaited integration with FourTrack has arrived in DopplerPad this morning. I haven’t tried it out but that’s No.1 on my list of things to do this morning. I’ll write something when I’ve given it a go.

DopplerPad at the app store:

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Pete Cole: Mixtikl update

Looks like we’re getting much closer to the release of Mixtikl on all platforms, and a new browser plugin for Mixtikl too according to this post from Pete Cole.

I’m really looking forward to the latest version of Mixtikl on my Axim, and especially to seeing the iPhone version too.

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Auteureist submitted to Apple

Not music related I know, but I’m looking forward to this writer’s app for the iPhone. It has an interesting list of features too:

  • Program-wide support for both portrait and landscape orientations.
  • Full-screen chapter text entry mode.
  • Text and background color support in chapter text entry.
  • Relabel “novel” and “chapter” to better reflect what you are writing.
  • Include metadata in exports.
  • Include research notes, links, maps, and photographs.
  • Support for characters and character aliases.
  • Support for story locations.
  • Support for any number of novels and chapters. (Full version only.)
  • Summary information by novel and chapter
  • Target word count tracking by chapter and novel
  • Timeline support
  • Export as plain text to Ulysses and most other writing applications via email
  • Export to Scrivener via email
  • Wireless synchronization to Auteureist™ using the companion Maciontosh Auteureist™ Sync application.
  • Built-in blogging and posting support to Use Auteureist™ as a blogging tool.

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