Stylophone BeatBox available very soon

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  1. I don't know about you, but that is awful. It reminds me of one of those dreadful tacky toys that you can pick up in your local newsagent. Stylophone was never a great instrument, and it was much bettered by the 350S, but at least the thing made it to Space Oddity by Bowie, and Pocket Calculator by Kraftwerk. This 'thing' with that awful rap artist blurping over the top, will probably just end up in landfill across the world. 🙁

    Whatever happened to the 350S? Why didn't newDubreq re-release the 350S? Howabout a duophonic (just like the original) mono synth? A la Wasp or CS01? I'm sure that wouldn't have been too difficult to do? 😉

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