Everyday Looper

Everyday Looper is a new loop app coming to the iPhone soon. The developer Mancing Dolecules (yes, that is the name of the developer) has sent me some details:

  • A “no button” user interface. Tap or swipe on displayed waveforms to play / pause / stop / record / change volume / erase.
  • Auto-normalization of each track to reach their maximum non clipped volume by the swipe of a finger.
  • Master Limiter to not worry about clipping after tracks mixing.
  • Metronome track generator to create a X clicks at Y BPMs base track.
  • Quantized to loop recording, as an option.
  • Load/Save your loops. Auto-save between sessions.
  • Export them to your computer over WiFi.
  • Up to 45 seconds of recording for each track.

Who is it for ?

  • Guitarists/Singers/Beatboxers/… : Metronome, Quantization and simplified Volume Management are here for you.
  • Sound Torturers : Try ultra short loops, feedbacked loops or manually sliced recording.

To be noted : This app is all about recording. No pre-recorded samples are included and iPod Touch users will need on external microphone.

It looks interesting, and the interface control looks like it might be fun to work with too.

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  1. It should be on the app store in 1 week or so. It has been validated by Apple faster than expected so my website/forum are not ready yet :p.

    Kurt, you get 2 points. One for each of the comments in which you are right ^^.


  2. OK i want it!!! this is what im looking for. Where and when can i get it? will it be able to immediately play a loop without delay after recording it? PLEASE let me beta test it!!! Good luck finishing it up!


  3. Daniel > It's able to immediately play a loop without delay after recording, yes ^^.

    You can have it here.

    You are welcome to post questions/comments on our forum if you have any problem with it.


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