Zachary’s top 10 iPhone apps

Time for another top 10, and today’s is from Zachary, and an interesting selection too:

My Top Ten iPhone Music Apps, alphabetically

Lo-fi gameboy rock fun, even if it’s a bit confounding to understand.

Lots of controls in this app to create ambient soundscaping.

Tweakable and infinitely playable, it’s THE live instrument for when your theremin is in the shop.
Bebot - Robot Synth

Even without Brian Eno’s name attached to it, it’s a great little sound machine. Good one to let play itself. The most relaxing thing ever.

Buddha Machine
In contrast to Bloom: why do loops that sound so soothing give me nightmares?
Buddha Machine

Thoroughly weird stuff. My surroundings never sounded like this fascinating. Someone called it “augmented reality for sound” and I couldn’t agree more.
Reality Jockey Ltd.

Hands down the best matrix sequencer on the iPhone, and it just keeps getting better.

I hate it when remix apps say they’re “designed for creativity” then restrict you to their small bank of samples. Not this one. Load your own samples and glitch ’em up good. Accelerometer-based control so you don’t look like you’re just texting when you play live.

Surprised that nobody has mentioned this yet. Amazing 303/808/909 emulation, and the closest you’ll get to ReBirth on the iPhone. The first music app I bought, and I still come back to it for my acid fix.
technoBox (303 808 909 studio)

So in love with analog-style fully moddable drum sounds, I don’t even care that it’s monophonic. Instant microhouse in a free app.

An interesting collection and one without Beatmaker included. This top ten seems more ‘instrument’ focussed. Thanks again Zachary.

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  1. Urgh, I HATE 8bitone. I can't use it. I can't do the long notes (I know you have to hold shift. It doesn't seem to work) and I just don't enjoy using it like I do most of my other music apps. I can't play keyboard, I think that's probably why I can't utilise this app much. Like fiddling with it tho…


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