iProMic from Studio Six Digital

Studio Six Digital have announced a new hardware mic for the iPhone. Here’s the details.

iProMic is a calibrated, professional-grade, omni microphone that plugs directly into the dock connector of any model of iPhone or iPod Touch via a 0.5m cable, and avoids the low-frequency roll-off filters that the built-in mic and any mic plugged into the headset connector runs through. It is essentially the microphone from iAudioInterface. When plugged in, the headphone jack on the Touch is not obscured, and is available as an output. iProMic has two ranges when used with our AudioTools app: 30-110dB SPL, and 50-130dB SPL. When used with other iPhone apps, the low range is available: 30-110dB SPL. It will accept a standard nominal 1/2″ calibrator. See our website for more details.

iProMic is expected to ship mid-November, and will be priced at USD $129.99.

Now you have two choices for acoustic and audio analysis iPhone hardware: iProMic, and iAudioInterface, with its microphone, balanced line input, and balanced line output / headphone output.

Both of these products work with our new AudioTools app. AudioTools is priced at USD $19.99 (sorry for the typo in the last email), and includes SPL Meter, RTA, Generator, and our new Audio Scope. Other apps, including FFT, ETC, SPL Pro, SPL Graph, Speaker Polarity and Speaker Distortion, are available for purchase from within AudioTools using Apple’s in-app purchase feature. We do have an upgrade program for users that have already purchased any of the optional apps, see our website for more information.

We have some exciting modules coming soon for AudioTools, including THD and Impedance, (which both require iAudioInterface) and Impulse Response, which will allow recording sweeps, and doing basic analysis including octave and 1/3 octave EDT, T30, Clarity C50 and C80, definition, and S/N. Also, watch for another major app announcement that we will make at the AES show in New York. See us at Booth 775 if you can make it.

We are continuing to make progress on iAudioInterface, and we are hoping to finalize our ship date soon.

We will be accepting pre-orders for both iAudioInterface and iProMic. The pre-orders require a deposit, and ensure that you will receive one of the first units that are made. Send us an email if you would like to receive pre-order information when it is available.

I am tempted to get an external interface for my iPhone, and I do like the sounds of these products. Anyone have any experience of these or others?

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  1. I just hope they are actually designed with the ihone in mind. I hate nothing more than seeing a product work great on the iPod Touch and then throw up the incompatible error when plugged into an iPhone.

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