Pheonix live with an iPhone drummer

Phoenix play live with an iPhone drummer, but which drum app is it?

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  1. Sure it's not just a recording that they're playing off the iPod? I can't think of any drum app off the top of my head that has the play button down near the home button like that…

  2. Seems more like a publicity stunt to me, and a rather dull one at that. “Hey look at us, we're using an iPhone to play some really boring drum sequence over a song”. Why an iPhone? Why not a Palm, or even just a drum machine? Apologies for being so negative, but this kind of behaviour is so cynical IMO. Let's have something really creative eh? :¬)

  3. I have to be honest, I've never seen a handheld device used by such a mainstream band. I understand what you're saying duke, but I think it's a start. I've had people link me to this video cos their fans of Phoenix and have seen me at some time sitting in the corner of a party playing when inspiration has struck or recording strange samples (which always sound horrid when recorded drunk for some reason…) Which is nice cos I usually get ridiculed cos I'm not using a “real” instrument and don't make “real” music…

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