Pheonix live with an iPhone drummer

Phoenix play live with an iPhone drummer, but which drum app is it?

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Computer Music Launches own iPhone app

An interesting development. Computer Music have launched their own iPhone app based on Pocket Remix (made by Hige Five). I suppose that this should come as no real surprise as they’ve done this on the desktop before anyway. The app is free so give it a try.

Hige Five apps at the app store:
Hige Five

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Open Pandora coming very soon

I got this email from OpenPandora this morning. Looks like they are real close to getting these shipped. I have to admit that I am tempted to get one of the remaining 100, but maybe I should wait to 2010 and see what music and audio apps get on the device.

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Michael Nervous using Pixelh8 Master Stroke via RJDJ

Nice combination of mobile music technologies by Michael. Hear the recording at RJDJ.

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