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I posted an open question to developers a few while ago about marketing for mobile applications. Since then I’ve had quite a few emails on the subject and it has been suggested that the debate be opened up to everyone.

I think this is a really good idea, so I’ve started a marketing thread on the forum, and to get things started I’ve posted a page on the Palm Sounds site about marketing. There’s a document there which I’ve written with my thoughts on marketing for mobile music applications, which I hope you’ll find useful if you’re a developer.

So, please take a look at the guide I’ve written and join in the discussion at the forum.

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Shuntcode tomorrow at London Bridge

Sorry for the late notice on this event (and the last one), I’ve only just found out about it. Looks like a great event, I might just be able to make it, maybe …

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Pixelh8 lecture at GamesEden Event

Looks like this would be an interesting event with Pixelh8.

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Today in 2004: SoundPad preview released

Back in 2004 miniMusic released a preview of their SoundPad application for the Palm OS. At the time I was amazed at how complex this application was and what you could do with it.

I still have the final SoundPad software on my Palm T3, and I still use it, although not too regularly.

Of course SoundPad was the basis for miniMusic’s first iPhone app called PianoFly.

PianoFly built on SoundPad and added a lot of features that aren’t in the original Palm OS software.

PianoFly is a great FM synth for the iPhone and I hope that we’ll see some more great music and audio apps for the iPhone from miniMusic in the not too distant future.

Pianofly at the app store:
Pianofly Pro Synth

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Writing on the iPhone

I like to write, and therefore I’d like some bespoke writing software for my iPhone. This looks like it might be just the ticket. Thanks to KrisMcKenna for pointing me at this app in development.

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Little Scale: iPod & TouchOSC Controlling a Sega Master System with YM2413

More interesting stuff from Little-Scale.

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Don’t forget to vote in the NLog poll

A few days left to vote in the poll and the strong contenders are:

  • Sequencing
  • Export
  • ioLibrary

But what else do you want?

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ZoozBeat Pro price drop

ZoozBeat Pro has now dropped in price to just £0.59 ($0.99).

ZooZ Mobile Inc.

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GetLoFi: Tips and solutions for circuit bending

A new series of posts for GetLoFi showing practical solutions for circuit bending and synthesis.

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RJDJ This weekend

Don’t forget that the RJDJ party is on this friday and the sprint over the weekend. I wish I could make it this weekend but I can’t, so if anyone does please let me know how it goes, especially the sprint.

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