More about Sound Warp

Thanks to David for posting this comment on Sound Waro:

Yes, the 1.0 release, as we mention in the App Store profile, is a technology preview designed to showcase our new Granular Antigravity Engine and gather ideas from our customers on where to take the app next. We used that approach with our Looptastic app, adding significant new capabilities via free updates.

In the case of Sound Warp, the interface and sound were so exotic that we purposely released the 1.0 version with a small, approachable set of features and a low price (free for a few days, now $1.99). You can be assured that we’ll follow our track record with Looptastic and add more free features in response to what customers want. I’m playing with the beta of the next version now.

One of the chief uses of Sound Warp is creating textures for movie scores and ambient music. It’s also a quick way to create ear-catching sound effects. Educators can even use it like an aural microscope to peer inside sounds with their students.

Incidentally, the fanciful name Granular Antigravity Engine refers to the way we’ve mapped the iPhone’s orientation sensor to control granular-synthesis processing of pitch and time, but we also hope it encourages people to think beyond traditional boundaries when exploring sound.

The Granular Antigravity Engine also powers the new Bravo Gustavo app we did in partnership with Hello Design and the LA Philharmonic. That should give a sense of the possibilities.

David Battino
Sound Trends Consultant

So that’s great news for Sound Warp, and I even better if you got the app for free.

Sound Warp at the app store
Sound Warp

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Aurora for Pocket PC

Well I didn’t expect to see a new Pocket PC application come out, especially from 4Pockets, but it is great to know that they are still making new music software for Windows Mobile.

This makes me think of iPhone apps like SoundGrid and other similar apps, but from the video there seems to be lots in there. Here’s what the video page on YouTube says:

Aurora gives you pattern based programming and light combination software which runs right on your Pocket PC, and best of all, you dont need to have a musical bone in your body to create great tunes. By simply choosing a musical scale every note you play is in perfect tune, leaving you to choose what sounds best.

Great, but what does Aurora offer the more accomplished musician I hear you ask? Well, Aurora hides a lot of its complexity from novice users, but by switching to advanced mode you get full control over the built in instruments and effects, as well as many advanced modes such as the Atomizer and XY Mode which allows you to manipulate sound in real-time. You can create your own instrument from recordings made using the built in microphone. Just think, a full drum kit of you beatboxing into the microphone!

Aurora allows a mixture of pattern based recording and live performance. You can piece together complete compositions, or simply improvise a performance, all of which can be captured to a file, for use as a ringtones, or to share with others.

An integrated mixer, combined with the ability to add audio effects and layer automation means that you achieve a pretty sophisticated sound in a fun and user friendly way.

Looking forward to this for next month now!

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Sonorasaurus Tutorial Video

I posted on this app a few days ago, now here’s a video to show you what it can do. A lot by the looks of it!

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The Amazing Rolo talks about Mujik at Interface Amnesty

Talking about Mujik from The Amazing Rolo on Vimeo.

Really enjoyed listening to this as there are some really interesting ideas about interface design and music software.

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Looptastic Producer with loop store

Looptastic Producer has finally got an in app purchase store. I just had a look at it, interestingly all the prices are in $ so I’m wondering what that will mean if I buy something there.

I’m quite interested in the idea of in app purchase and I’d be keen to hear from developers who are considering implementing one. Do the prices all have to be the same as on the main app store or do you have any room to price as you want to?

Looptastic Producer edition available at the iTunes app store by clicking the button below:
Looptastic Producer

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Handheld Electronic Music – Nic Collins

I’ve just been watching the DVD from this book, which is completely brilliant. Nic Collins makes the whole process of creating handmade electronic musical instruments just so easy.

If you’ve got an interest in making any kind of electronic musical instrument for yourself then you should check this out.

Win an 8GB iPod Touch by twittering about GameSalad

If you’re interested in getting yourself a new 8GB iPod Touch then go to this link and twitter a message about GameSalad. Couldn’t be much simpler really.

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iLounge on the iPad (rumoured Apple Tablet)

I love that the rumours of this thing have been going on for years now. iLounge has this post on 10 things you don’t know about the fabled device.

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Moonbuz: KORG DS-10 Wiki – Japanese secrets revealed

Moonbuz posts on Korg DS-10 Japanese secrets.

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What is Sound Warp for?

A little while back the makers of Looptastic brought out this little at app as a technology preview for their Granular Antigravity Engine! I noticed it on my iPhone yesterday as I was thinking about what to clear out and what to keep, and it made me wonder what it is that they are going to use this technology for, and when? Any thoughts?

Sound Warp at the app store
Sound Warp

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