ZXGamer for 3GS, slow?

Some thoughts on ZXGamer for the iPhone 3GS from this comment from Philip Kendal.

Not sounding too good I think.

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  1. Did I read this right: is the emulator implemented using JavaScript (and therefore presumably with an embedded JavaScript engine)?

    I'm puzzled as I thought scripting languages aren't allowed in iPhone apps.

  2. Anonymous: it's just a WebKit app and thus is using WebKit's JavaScript engine.

    The unofficial position from Apple seems to be that there's nothing wrong with having a virtual machine in an App Store application so long as it can't be used to run arbitrary content.

  3. Thanks Philip …

    Well, that is weird, as the SDK license is 100% clear (I think!) that no scripting is allowed, unless using script engine build into public APIs on the ipod … otherwise I'd have coded 2d games mainly in Lua or JavaScript… wish they'd clear this up

  4. And then they let it in, at least until they discovered that you could break into BASIC.

    It's well known that (say) Sonic on the iPhone is just an emulator which is restricted to playing one game. As I said, Apple's de facto policy seems to be that interpreted code is OK, so long as users can't run arbitrary content, whatever it may say in the SDK license agreement.

  5. Interesting stuff – thanks Philip!

    I hate that there is so much uncertainty in the SDK license. Makes developing things a lot more fraught that it should be! 🙁

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