Touch DJ video: EQ and Filtering

Another great video of Touch DJ which is currently in the Apple review process. Touch DJ is really starting to look like a possible PacemakerDJ app on the iPhone, which is something I’ve been wanting for a long time now.

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  1. Starting to look really good. I'm not 100% convinced about mixing without a headphone preview, but maybe they'll do the mono route as an option? There's another DJ app I think that does that – the headphone mix comes out of one side and the crossfader mix comes out of the other.

  2. Here's hoping that it doesn't get held up I'm review which seems to happen with most apps that aren't similar to other apps. This is similar to others but seems to do what they do in a totally different manner. Well, that's my 2c anyway. Speaking of delays, when's the bleep!BOX update hitting? It's been a while…

  3. I bet it will be held up though, these kind of apps always are.

    As for Bleep!Box it got rejected by apple for search tags being wrong or something like that, so it is being resubmitted.

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