A few people have been asking about apps that are like Garageband but of course on the iPhone. From this video it looks like this might be something to check out. At the moment you’re restricted to the samples which are in the app, but if you could load your own samples that’d be really useful.

Pocket Remix at the app store:
Pocket Remix

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  1. Instabuy. I'm hoping they add the ability to load your own samples. I'm not too fussed about .io support for my apps, but I am quite time poor so having something like this for on the bus/train or in a lecture/lab/tute/meeting/appointment/lift etc is ideal. Looking at their site, this Aura looks pretty cool too…

  2. In the time it took me to walk from home, get on the train then get the gfs I'd banged out something I was happy with considering it was a first attempt. The simplicity of this app is fantastic. Lotta fun. One request though, loop import?

  3. hmm looks neat – i like the clip masher; a feature looptastic should add! or maybe pocket remix could add a live remix function similar to looptastic?

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