Top Ten iPhone music apps from The Analog Girl

Another top ten iPhone apps, this time from Analogue Girl. Here’s her list:

I love reading your blog and finding out about the latest and upcoming music apps for the iPhone!

And I would like to share my Top 10 (in random order):

I love how it is an all-in-one music making machine, from assembling beats and loops to sequencing an entire track and recording vocals on top of it. Amazing.

This is a very unique piece of software where you can either generate randomised beats or control the way the beat progresses. You can even record your own audio samples and incorporate them into your sequences. Innovative.
JR Hexatone? Pro

Modular synths in the palm of your hand with an easy-to-use, very cool interface. Hours get lost but definitely not wasted once you launch this app. Extremely flexible, very powerful. So many sounds and instruments you can create using Jasuto alone.
Jasuto modular synthesizer

Sound Scope Space
It is intriguing to me how you can draw your own waveform and play a song with the sound it generates. Also nice to see how one preset waveform could morph into another.
Sound Scope Space

This is a sound app for both serious sound designers and almost everybody who loves a little bit of ambient music in their lives. Musical genius Brian Eno is the man behind its concept – a few taps on the screen will bring about soothing melodic pieces accompanied by calming visuals.
Opal Limited

This is an efficiently designed app where you can make a song in minutes, and good catchy ones may I add. Great for improvising with on stage or wowing your friends over dinner.

2 synths + 1 drum machine = all you need to make a song. Plus you get to perform live Kaoss Pad-esque effects by touching the screen.

Touch The Wave
I am fascinated by how you can scratch and manipulate a song just by touching and moving its waveform around. How sci-fi indeed.
Touch the Wave

A flashy piece of software which would captivate audiences on stage as you change its pitch/speed/etc just by moving your iPhone up and down. Definitely eye-catching.

Lovely app for recording and looping vocal or any sort of live audio. The results are often hypnotic.

About The Analog Girl
The Analog Girl is an electro pop artist from Singapore who uses an ever changing array of digital tools to make music including the Tenori-On, Ableton Live, MacBook Pro, Nintendo DS, Kaoss Pads and the Apple iPhone. I probably own more than a hundred music apps as I keep on discovering innovation in the palm of my hand, otherwise what I call an “appdiction”.

“If Tricky’s dark and brooding Maxinquaye album was launched into outer space on a rocket ship commanded by Björk, it might sound something like the Analog Girl.” TIME MAGAZINE

“The Analog Girl’s electro punk xylophone beats are perfectly Portishead-esque.” MONOCLE

“Epic. Dizzying.” GIANT ROBOT


If you’d like to put forward your top ten then just email them in and I’ll post them up.

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Very early thoughts on MultiTrack (16 Track for iPhone)

I’ve only used this app briefly, but I couldn’t really help but give it a quick try out as I really didn’t expect to see a 16 track on the iPhone, especially one that runs on the 3G. However, hear it is, and even with just a few minutes play the interface is clean and obvious. I was able to record a track (an interesting shop alarm as I was in town this morning). I haven’t played it back as yet, but as soon as I do I’ll let you know what I think of the sound quality.

MultiTrack at the app store:
MultiTrack - 16 Track Recorder

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Thoughts on Thump

I was mucking about with this app yesterday, in a very Sunday afternoonish way, so I thought I’d write a few words about it.

Of all of the 2 synths 1 drum machine apps I’ve tried this one I’ve found very friendly indeed. I don’t know if it is because the interface is a lot like Microbe on the Palm, or at least reminds me of Microbe anyway, but I’ve found it really easy to use and play with.

Both synths are really easy to use and have piano rolls to add notes. The amp and filter envelopes are straightforward and the effects although limited in some ways give a good range of sounds.

Most of all I like the drums though. You can do a lot with these drum sounds even though I think they’re sampled. Pitch and shuffle are available, and there’s a good choice of drum kits.

The app has a share function which I haven’t looked into as yet, but doesn’t seem to have and export to a WAV file. I’m hoping that will come in a future version.

All in all I really like this app, it is great for fiddling with in brief moments, which is what all mobile music making apps should be really.

Thump at the app store:

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Little Scale looking for old mobiles

My assumption is that this friend of Little Scale’s is looking for phones for a musical performance. I’d like to know what / how this will work, and if I find out I’ll post something on it.

Anyway, if you think you can help get in touch with Little Scale.

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