About comments …

I’ve had a few comments in the last week or two that were fairly critical of the blog, and a few that are fairly critical of certain developers.

I have no issues with someone commenting and being critical of what I write, or making clear the issues that they have with a given application or developer. However, I do have issues with people just damning someone else’s work and doing it anonymously.

So, whilst I will continue to allow anonymous comments, if all you want to do is write something venomous and run, then Palm Sounds won’t be the place to do it anymore.

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7 thoughts on “About comments …”

  1. I disagree with all of you. Sorry. I think it is healthy to have people who don't like apps, I mean how many of you have been disappointed with something that has just cost you £5.99 on the appstore, and there is no way to get a refund? Come on, you can't say that this has never happened to you? Also, did you know that ranting in the workplace makes workers more productive? Criticism makes for healthy development!


  2. Ok, at the risk of causing even more trouble…I am the person who posted before when someone from Amidio said the Star 6 dev looked strange and so did the app. I thought it was an unacceptable and ill-mannered comment given the clear respect Amidio receive around these parts. I personally like Amidio and their apps, but this went too far.
    That said, there is also an 'Anonymous' out there (or maybe more than one, who knows – but it seems like one person) who unfortunately gives anonymity a bad name. I too am fed up with reading an entry, for example, about something on ebay, looking in the comments and discovering that this complete asshat 'doesn't need one'. Thanks! That really added something, didn't it! It's probably the same poster who every now and then slams some devs efforts with lazy, ill-thought out comments. The last time I posted was when someone did this to 'Thump'.
    So, hopefully we can all agree that it's pretty annoying when someone posts these things. But grounds for censorship? Or banning anonymous comments? Nope. Surely we're all big and ugly enough to cope?


  3. I have no problem with criticism, in fact I am really happy when people give constructive criticism. What I don't like is when people leave venomous comments that just trash what someone else is trying to do.

    I also agree with 6theduke that we should all be able to complain when someone pays £5.99 for an app and don't think it is worth the money. Of course, you should be able to say why you don't think it is worth the money and warn others about it, but don't forget that just because one person thinks an app is useless, someone else might think it is great.

    I will keep anonymous posting available, but I will be rejecting any really venomous comments.


  4. I think there should be no rejection -even of venomous comments. Maybe I'm strange that way, but I find it interesting how people react to things. People are intelligent enough to deal with it. I agree with the 6thduke. I also like reading the occasional rant. Let's not get too uptight about it. It's actually good fun when something kicks off a bit…


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