Track made in Xewton Studio
Thanks to Pierre for sharing this piece he made using Xewton Studio. I think it is great to hear something made on a handheld that is more orchestral based, and I really liked the track. Just shows what you can do with an iPod Touch.

Xewton Music Studio at the app store:
Xewton Music Studio

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MultiTrack: 16 Track Recorder for the iPhone

It was bound to happen really. We’ve had a few 4 tracks, one 8, and now a 16. Here’s some of what you get:

  • Fader, pan, mute and solo for each track
  • Input and Output faders
  • 24 bit internal pathways
  • Multi-touch pinch/zoom support
  • VU meters for each track
  • Extremely low latency recording
  • Selectable input monitoring
  • Recording perfectly synced to other tracks
  • Crossfading uses cubic interpolation
  • Animated popup controls

I should add that given the recent conversation on comments, it was an anonymous commenter who alerted me to this app. Thank you.

MultiTrack at the app store:
MultiTrack - 16 Track Recorder

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Berlin Music Hack day list of hacks

For those who are interested here’s a list of the hacks from Berlin this weekend.

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Trope for iPhone

Another new app from Brian Eno. Trope, designed by ambient pioneer Brian Eno and musician / software designer Peter Chilvers, expands further on the ideas introduced by Bloom, their acclaimed iPhone application.

Darker in tone, Trope immerses users in endlessly evolving soundscapes created by tracing abstract shapes onto the screen, varying the tone with each movement.

Thanks to Nick for pointing out that this app had arrived.

Trope at the app store:

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Brian Eno’s Air: A few thoughts

I had a brief try with this yesterday. Nice app and I think I could lose quite a few hours just enjoying the ambience of it. I’m not sure that I am as impressed with this as I was with Bloom though, but then things have moved on a great deal since bloom was launched.

Air at the app store:

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ZX Spectrum on the iPhone! 3G or only 3GS?

I don’t know if anyone has tried this app, but I was checking the site before buying it and noticed that it says that a 3G version is coming, so I assume that this one is limited to the 3GS only. Anyone tried it on a 3G yet?

ZXGamer at the app store:

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GameSalad iPhone publishing details

GameSalad have made available the details of their iPhone game publishing platform including costs and how the whole thing works.

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About comments …

I’ve had a few comments in the last week or two that were fairly critical of the blog, and a few that are fairly critical of certain developers.

I have no issues with someone commenting and being critical of what I write, or making clear the issues that they have with a given application or developer. However, I do have issues with people just damning someone else’s work and doing it anonymously.

So, whilst I will continue to allow anonymous comments, if all you want to do is write something venomous and run, then Palm Sounds won’t be the place to do it anymore.

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Little Boots (via Synthtopia)

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Moonbuz on NLog 2

Moonbuz has a post on what the new NLog 2 looks like.

NLog at the app store:
NLog Synthesizer

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