Touch DJ

Touch DJ: sensual dub mix on the iPhone from ToyoBunko on Vimeo.

Another good video of the next app coming from Amidio, Touch DJ.

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  1. SORRY THAT IS NONSENSE!!! Both the mix and the Touche DJ.
    Listen to 4:19 unnecessarily lowering the volume of the playing track. Then at 4:31 what a bad mixing! The next blendung starting at 7:11. WOW! at 7:32 – very amateurish. Words fail me. Quite part from talking about the fiddling around on the screen. Please tell me, where is the pre listening? Just one output on the Ipod Touch. Where do I connect my headphones? If i would use the normal headphone output or the dock out I only can lsiten to the already playing track!!! Sorry again. No flow, lazy mixing, bland track selection.
    The Touche DJ App completely useless for a serious DJ.

  2. I agree with Toyo. As for the output, that has been answered before elsewhere, either on here or on amidios site. The mix seemed fine to me, nothing amazing but I left it on and went and did what I had to do.

    That being said, I have a couple of issues with it myself. When the cross fader is going back and forth, there is a change in volume (someone else has commented on this in the forum for it, I think). And the fact that you have to import tracks rather than use the iTunes library. The last part isn't your fault but it will influence my decision when it comes to coughing up ze dollahs. Other than that, I like the look of the application so far…

  3. Please go to Vimeo and read the comments for the video.

    I mixed totally unknown tracks, I saw them for the first time, and I used no headphones for prelistening (despite there is such a possibility). Of course given all this the mix is far from perfect.

    On the other hand, the last 10 minutes of the mix are very smooth.

    Volume changes come from different track volumes but this is now all handled automatically.

  4. Where can one get the audio splitter? Even tho it's all visual having the option to do it by ear also would help. Just saw it's going to launch for ~$20, is there going to be a lite version like noise.le? Would like to have a bit of a play before I lay down that much for what will essentially be a toy for me…

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