ZX Spectrum on the iPhone!

I didn’t expect to see an app like this so soon after the appearance and disappearance of the C64 app, but here it is, looking great with more games to come soon.

ZXGamer at the app store:

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OP-1 Beta update

I bet some of you got this today, if not, here’s the latest from Teenage Engineering:

This is the first OP-1 beta update from TE HQ since we announced the Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer.
The reason you got this email is that you are one of the 4.465 people who signed up for the beta release.


The day before we went to the Frankfurt Musikmesse, we put the OP site online. On March 30th, 10:06:22 we got the first sign-up. During the trade show we kept the sign-up’s open until we finally closed the form at 08:34:59, April 05th.

We where quite overwhelmed by the numbers and very happy with the response we got from all of you out there. But you might ask, 100 beta units and this many people!? Am I gonna get one?

Beta info

The selection process will use different parameters to make sure we get a wide range of people and countries included.

It’ll work like this.

– By date: The first x signup’s (and the last one before we closed) will be safe.
– By country: we want to test the machine in different conditions.
– Random: x units will be completely randomized.
– Friends: Our closest ones, both musicians and freaks.

Release date

We will not announce any dates at this stage. Here is a quick status report:

– The Synth is really fun to use!
– It sounds great.
– We are hard at work with everything from the electronics and mechanics to embedded dev & DSP optimizations.
– Two new persons joined the team to speed things up.
– Check http://www.teenageengineering.com/now/ for the latest info!

We’ve got very far but will spend a couple of more months fine tuning and testing so we are 100% satisfied before we start talking about release dates.

Well, I bet I don’t get in on the beta!

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DS-10 new galore

Sorry, I really wanted to use the word ‘galore’. Anyone, there’s loads of DS-10+ news over at All Things DS-10.

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Music Hack Day: Berlin

Just a quick post on the Berlin Hack Day. If anyone goes, please get in touch and let me know what it was like. I’m hoping that there’ll be some really interesting stuff coming out of it.

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