Micro Punk Robot

I got this today:

The Micro Punk Robot is a CV controlled stepped tone generator with a few twists, first up there are 2 range switches to expand on the pallette of this already versatile little monster, then we added CV inputs for integration with modular and CV equipment, the audio output also can be used as a CV out, the reset input can function as a kind of gate or even a rudimentary audio input, finally the power input can also offer some interesting options such as power starve and control from a gate/CV signal, because of all the extra stuff crammed in, the battery no longer fits inside the case so a pp3 lead is supplied. More details and audio clips will follow soon.

The price will be £65GBP plus shipping, so if you are interested act quickly, as usual there will only be limited quantities of these available at any time as they are hand made.

Does look like some fun could be had with it.

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