Micro Punk Robot

I got this today:

The Micro Punk Robot is a CV controlled stepped tone generator with a few twists, first up there are 2 range switches to expand on the pallette of this already versatile little monster, then we added CV inputs for integration with modular and CV equipment, the audio output also can be used as a CV out, the reset input can function as a kind of gate or even a rudimentary audio input, finally the power input can also offer some interesting options such as power starve and control from a gate/CV signal, because of all the extra stuff crammed in, the battery no longer fits inside the case so a pp3 lead is supplied. More details and audio clips will follow soon.

The price will be £65GBP plus shipping, so if you are interested act quickly, as usual there will only be limited quantities of these available at any time as they are hand made.

Does look like some fun could be had with it.

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The discussion goes on …

I caught up with this discussion earlier on on the direction of handheld music making. Why not join in the discussion?

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BC16 Control Map (via Matrixsynth)

Looks handy if you’re a BC16 owner. More at Matrixsynth.

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The Stylophone Orchestra Of Great Britain Plays Kraftwerk’s The Model

I don’t think I can really add anything. Via Synthtopia.

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Air: Brian Eno’s new iPhone app

Air (via Synthtopia) is a new generative audio-visual work that’s “like Music for Airports made endless,” according to ambient pioneer Brian Eno, “Which is how I always wanted it to be.”

The iPhone music app was created by musician / software designer Peter Chilvers and Irish vocalist Sandra O’Neill. Based on concepts developed by Brian Eno, with whom Chilvers created Bloom, Air assembles vocal and piano samples into an ever changing composition, which will be familiar, but never the same.

Brian Eno’s Air

Air features four “Conduct” modes, which let the user control the composition by tapping different areas on the display, and three “Listen” modes, which provide a choice of arrangement.

For those fortunate enough to have access to multiple iPhones / iPod Touches and speakers, an option has been provided to spread the composition over several players. Recommended for headphones and external speakers.

Air at the app store:

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Another Prosound mod from Concretedog

Concretedog is at it again. Here’s another prosound gameboy.

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News from Cybersonica

News from Cybersonica:

1. Cybersonica @ Musion Academy – 23rd September – 35 Portland Place
2. i-Design 09 – 24th September – 309 Regent Street
3. Expo – 25th-29th September – Leeds
4. m-Log Workshop – 25th and 26th September – Space Studios


Cybersonica @ Musion Academy
Musion Systems Ltd., Westcott House, 35 Portland Place, London W1B 1QF
Wednesday, 23rd September 2009, 4-7pm
Booking: The event is open and FREE, however places are limited and registration is necessary. Please contact – Oliver@musion.co.uk – to sign up for participation in the Cybersonica event.

Musion is the company behind the Madonna and Gorillaz holographic performances, Lewis Hamilton’s and David Beckham’s hologram and many others. The Musion Academy is a think tank for visual artists, creatives, academicians, and digital artists to come together and explore new technology and holographic projection – and is the forum to open up holographic projection to artists, creatives and all those interested. 250 artists have joined in the last 9 months realising their own unique creations in a series of workshops, guest lectures and events. Academy attendees include graduates from some of the UK’s best art schools, animators and VJs.

On Wednesday 23rd September, the Musion Academy will be co-hosting a special Cybersonica event featuring Jens Heinen of VisionLabz and the Cologne based Lichtfaktor “light-writing” crew and Simon Blackmore of the Manchester based Owl Project who will each present their own unique artistic explorations into the use of light as a medium.

Musion Academy – What is it?
Musion has always been keen to foster relationships with academia and the general public. The Musion Academy is the institutionalised forum for students, artists and people from the creative industries to create holographic projection, live stream content and engage with the Musion technology in their own creative field. Everyone who is interested in this technology is invited to partake in the Musion Academy- designed to explain the technology and to enable YOU to explore your creative potential.

Musion Academy Workshops – free and open to anyone
The Musion Academy allows you to learn about the past, future and present of Musion as a creative technology tool, a holographic projection technique, a live-telepresence vehicle and a new medium. Investigate your own visual style, learn about the do’s and dont’s of the medium and create your own content – your own visual language, your own Musion hologram.

The workshops are organised in theoretical and practical units. This gives you the technical framework and creative know how to enable you to come up with your own ideas. Guest lecturers will report on aspects of the medium, and peer review discussions will allow you to reflect on your own progress in developing content. Explore what it takes to create holographic illusions, stage varieties and real time 3D effects in the performing arts.


i-Design 09
University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street, London W1B 2UW
Thursday, 24th September 2009, 9am-7.30pm
Conference: Standard £135, Design Week Subscriber £99, Students £75
Online Booking: http://www.amiando.com/idesign_09.html HERE
Exhibition, Talks and Portfolio Clinic (must register): FREE

Just over a week until the i-Design 09 conference!

i-Design 09 is a unique one-day conference at the London Design Festival.

It aims to inspire, entertain and explore how our digital future is shaping up, and what role interactive design will take in our cultural and social life.

A day packed with discussion, debate and demonstration of the best in interactive design and arts, hosted by Nicolas Roope.

Speakers include…
Adrian Shaughnessy, Desiree Collier, Andrew Chitty, Bill Thompson, David Taylor, Tali Krakowsky, Martyn Ware, Daniel Hirschman, Malcolm Garrett, Andrew Shoben and more…

With programme strands by 5D, Cybersonica, Onedotzero and Future of Sound.

Get your ticket now…

Follow us on Twitter – Follow discussion on dynamo.

Cybersonica at i-Design 09

Cybersonica have been regular contributors to i-Design since its inception in 2007 and this year present: ‘Virtually Real’ – an exhibition of digital interactive artworks and installations, technology showcases and demonstrations in the Old Gymnasium; afternoon Artist Talks in Deep End; ‘5D Interludes’ in the main conference programme; and live performance as part of the i-Design 09 early evening showcase.

These various contributions present our unique – and often sonic – viewpoint on the i-Design 09 theme and how our “daily engagement with interactive stuff has made the inexorable move away from the office and desktop towards an experience that is decidedly in the real world”.

Featured artists and creative agencies include Squidsoup, The Sancho Plan, Soda and Fiddian Warman, Owl Project, VisionLabz, Jason Bruges Studio, MOTH, SHOWStudio, Musion Academy, a selection of artistic work presented by Kinetica Museum and TINT and more guest contributors yet to be announced.


Sound and Music and Media and Arts Partnership present
Expo Leeds
25-28 September 2009

Expo is the UK’s largest annual FREE festival of sound art and experimental music.

This year’s festival lands in Leeds to take over venues and public spaces across the city, showcasing leading artists and fresh newcomers in sound based art and performance. Expo Leeds is an extended weekend of people enjoying, creating, playing, sharing, experiencing, discovering and listening to sonic art.

Come and join in!

Visit http://www.expofestival.org for festival updates.

New Commissions

Christina Kubisch – Magnetic Consumer & Electrical Walks, Leeds
The Light, LS1 8TL
Friday 25 – Monday 28, 11:00 – 18:00
Eavesdrop on the secret electronic soundworld of Leeds through specially designed headphones

Paul Rooney – Thin Air: The Psycho-Vocalic Discoveries of Alan Smithson
Leeds Metropolitan University, Broadcasting Place, Woodhouse Lane, LS2 9EN
Friday 25, 17:00
Saturday 26, 11:00
Sunday 27, 11:00 & 16:00
Part academic lecture, part sci-fi story, Rooney’s new sound work excavates real and imagined histories trapped inside the Met’s H Building as it faces demolition.

Nick Rothwell & Lewis Sykes (aka Monomatic) – PEAL: A Virtual Campanile
Friday 25 11:00-18:00, Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 11:00-17:00
Leeds Arena, Leeds City Museum, LS2 8BH
Friday 25 – Sunday
A new interactive sound installation, PEAL invites you to immerse yourself in the ringing of Leeds’ church bells, played by breaking beams of light.

Expo Youth
Various locations, Leeds City Museum, LS2 8BH
Friday 25 11:00-18:00, Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 11:00-17:00
Artists Mira Calix, Glen Boulter and Heads Together have been working with local young people to create a series of sound installations.

Programme highlights include:

Friday 25

Old Broadcasting House, 148 Woodhouse Lane, LS2 9EN
10:30 – 16:30
A Wiki conference with discussions, demos and special presentations from key Expo artists, join in and find out more at unconference.expofestival.org

Unconference featured event, Positive Soundscapes, a workshop discussion on sound and urban design, chaired by Max Dixon, GLA Senior Planning Officer, and speakers including
Hans Peter Kuhn, Martyn Ware and Bill Davies.

Tower Works
Howard Assembly Room, Opera North, Grand Theatre, LS1 6NU
19:45 – 22:00
A concert featuring some of the leading artists working in soundscape composition, including Lee Patterson, Chris Watson, Peter Cusack and Jez riley French

This is a free event but you will need a ticket. Box office: 0844 848 2727 or visit http://www.howardassemblyroom.co.uk

Saturday 26

Expo Live @ Holy Trinity
Holy Trinity Church, LS1 6HW
13:00 – 14:30 & 16:00 – 17:30
A performance programme of sonic experimentation, selected from this year’s open call.

Underground Leeds
Left Bank Leeds, Cardigan Road, Hyde Park, LS6 1LJ
19:30 till late
Psychedelic drone and noise led by Leeds finest, Ashtray Navigations with special guests

Sunday 27

Leeds Arena, Leeds City Museum, LS2 8BH
12:00 – 13:30
Bell ringers from five Leeds churches re-enact historical peals on the interactive PEAL installation

Expo Late
Left Bank Leeds, Cardigan Road, Hyde Park, LS6 1LJ
19:30 till late
A packed closing gig featuring everything from deranged dada performance to sonically enhanced cosmetics!

Throughout Saturday and Sunday there will also be a diverse range of sound installations and performances spread throughout the city. Please pick up a free festival brochure at any of the main festival venues for details.

Lead Partners:

Supported by:
Arts Council England (Grants for the Arts): Leeds Metropolitan University: Leeds College of Music; University of Leeds: Arup; Positive Soundscapes / EPSRC: Yorkshire Forward: Education Leeds / ArtForms: Find Your Talent: Leeds City Council: Opera North / Howard Assembly Room: The Light: Lumen: Nti Leeds:
BBC / Big Screen


m-Log workshop led by Owl Project plus special guest Leafcutter John
Space Studios, Hackney, London E8 3RH
Friday 25th and Saturday 26th September 2009
Cost: £150
Register: http://www.spacestudios.org.uk/All_Content_Items/Media_Arts/Owl_Project_-_Build_your_own_m-log_workshop/

A two day workshop to build your own music controller out of a log. You design the functions, buttons, knobs and little unique designs that will personalise the way your log looks and the Owl Project will help you to build the electronics to complete your controller. The weekend includes all the materials needed to build & customise an m-Log to your own spec, a workshop in how to make the log work with software programmes and a special performance by Leafcutter John with his very own m-Log.

More details at: http://www.owlproject.com

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Little Boots (via Matrixsynth)

I liked this pic with the Tenori-on in the corner (via Matrixsynth).

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Handmade Music Austen (via Matrixsynth)

Monthly workshops in Austen if you’re in the neighborhood, via Matrixsynth.

I don’t know of anything similar in London, but if you do can you let me know, comment or email, whatever’s easiest.

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Update on Sunvox issue

I got this from Alex about the white screen issue on Sunvox (and Sound Fields too):

Yes, i know about it. There is small bug in the sound engine. And i found it yesterday. So.. New fixed release will be very soon 🙂 May be, in the next two or three weeks.

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