What’s coming to Bleep!Box

What’s coming to Bleep!Box:

The new update was submitted over the weekend. Many exciting new features are in this release. Among them:

  • Song Page – Allows you to easily switch patterns or sequence songs from multiple patterns.
  • Transfer – Connect to your iPhone with any internet capable computer over Wifi. Download or Upload patterns to the device.
  • Record – Record a .WAV file of your performances, patterns, songs, or sounds. Access them via the Transfer function.
  • UI Additions – A new ‘trigger’ button has been added to the Edit page. Preset browsing is easier and faster and sliders now have +/- buttons.
  • Overall volume boosted. You won’t have to crank your volume anymore.

With any luck this will materialize on your device within the next few days (App approval gods willing).

Also submitted this weekend was the ‘free’ version of bleep!BOX. It lets you do everything you can normally do except save, and it should be a great way for people to try bleep!BOX without having to plunk down the money. The free version will be known as ‘bleep!BOX Player’.

All great stuff and I can’t wait for the new version. I just wish Apple wouldn’t take so long to approve these!

BleepBox at the app store:

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