New version of FastBasic for Palm

Even though I haven’t really got started with the previous version of FastBasic, here’s what’s in the latest one:

  • There is an icon for FastBasic. Until now the application didn’t have any icon.
  • You can create now “coloured” objects. See the attached example “CalculatorSimple.Bas”.
  • You can put REM lines between CONST lines. In this way it’s easier to comment a program with a lot of constants. See the same example.
  • MSGBOX and INPUTBOX$ take into account the size of the screen. For the moment, if you modify the size of the screen while the INPUTBOX window is open, that window is not affected. It will be done in next versions.
  • The GUI-function OBJTYPE take the ObjectIndex instead of the ObjectID. This is because some objects have an ID of -1: title, popup, etc. You can get the index number with the function OBJNDX.
  • The bug which resets the Palm after deleting a variable (or a constant) should be fixed. Please inform if somebody still have a reset.

I must get some time to mess about with this some more.

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