Update on iAudioInterface

I got an email about iAudioInterface. Here’s the detail:

First, we are making great progress with iAudioInterface, although once again I’m surprised at the time and the level of effort that it has taken to get to this point. We are just now testing our second hardware revision, which if all goes well will be very close to the production unit. We are now looking at an October ship date. Price will be $250 USD.

** AES **

We will be showing our prototypes at the AES show in New York, October 7-12 in Booth 775. We will be announcing a very exciting strategic partnership at the show that will be bring even more power and flexibility to the platform.

** Impedance **

iAudioInterface will be able to measure impedance, in the range of 0.5 ohms to 5,000 ohms to +/-1%, and up to 10k Ohms at slightly higher tolerance. This will be done through both a single-number readout as well as a sweep. It’s working great in prototype, and it’s ideal for speaker and speaker line impedance tests.

** AudioTools **

Today Apple approved the 1.0 release of AudioTools, our new multi-function audio and acoustic analysis app, and it’s available on iTunes. AudioTools combines several apps, and will soon have every Studio Six audio app, and a few new ones. I

Included in the base price of AudioTools ($19.99 US) is SPL Meter, RTA, Generator, Line Level, and soon, Audio Scope. Other modules, such as FFT, SPL Pro, Speaker Pop, and others, will be in-app purchases, buy them if and when you need them. We plan to expand these offerings extensively in the very near future. Note that the Impedance module will be one of these apps.

Why are we making an all-in-one app? Several reasons. First, we have had many users asking us to make an aggregate app, for convenience, and to consolidate the calibration. Second, and more pressing, is that Apple only allows a single app to communicate with an accessory. Since we can’t just pick one, we merged our existing apps into a single app. This is the app to download if you don’t yet have any Studio Six Digital apps.

The advantages include, that the calibration is now centralized, and the file save / recall is more consistent. In the near future, we will allow export of data files to a PC or Mac, and that will be from a single place. Also, the individual apps tend to load more quickly, and are easy to find.

Where does this leave our customer base, many of whom have purchased multiple apps already? Apple does not provide a cross-grade path, to allow users of one app access to another one for free. We are handling this ourselves, however. Our web site details a program whereby users who own any of the in-app purchase apps, such as FFT or ETC, will be able to apply the cost of those apps to the iAudioInterface purchase. Of course, if you are not purchasing iAI, you do not need to switch to AudioTools, so you can stay with the individual apps.

** Pre-Orders **

One more thing — we will be offering a pre-order option, once we have arrived on a firm ship date. We’re still working out the details, but it would involve placing a deposit to reserve one of the first units that we build. If you have interest in this option, please respond and mention “pre-order” in the text of your email, and when we open up pre-orders we will send you the info.

Thanks for bearing with us up to this point, please know that we are working very hard to bring a high-quality, professional audio and acoustics platform to iPhone and the iPod Touch. We will be updating our web site more often now, as we get closer to

Sounds like it will be a pro piece of kit, but that means a pro price at $250.

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