Musique Non Talent: Reaction to Apple announcements

Musique Non Talent responds to yesterdays announcements from Apple. I have to say I probably agree with most of what he has to say.

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  1. Is Apple loosing its edge? No I don't think so. The C64 app broke the rules, set by Apple. Can it not get any simpler than that? Do you not think that is fair? I mean, I've posted here once or twice, and my posts have been rejected, because maybe they were perhaps a little fruity- I don't know, because no one ever told me. So wouldn't it be highly hypocritical of Palm Sounds to agree with the statements made by Robman84?

    To be able to disable an app remotely is a very good idea, especially in this grand world of Trojans, worms and viruses. What do you think would happen if some software got though that contained an Easter egg enabling a hacker to download everyone's info about their account info? Yes I know, it's a little hysterical, but unfortunately most folks out there know little about computers and one whiff of foul play can send a company into a downward spiral. Think about it!

  2. Hi, I'm sorry about the rejected posts. When that happened it was a genuine mistake on my part and nothing more sinister. Your comments are valued as are your opinions.

    As for Apple, I think yesterday was a mixed bag. Against my better judgement I actually want one of the new nano's. I just don't know why I want one.

    I think that the upgraded touch is a good idea, but if it is a gaming device then why maintain the 11 page limit on apps, it doesn't make sense to me. Also, I think that not adding a camera to the touch was odd as it makes sense to have one.

    App organisation on iTunes is a step in the right direction, but only a step. I've been trying to use it this morning and it doesn't make life much easier than doing it on the device. I still think that they need some form of category or folder management on the device like the old palm categories.

    I do agree with you on the malicious code aspects and generally agree that the ability to remotely remove something that is genuinely malicious is great, but I don't think that the C64 app was in that category. I know it broke their rules, but I think they need to revisit the rules in the light of how developers are making use of the iPhone.

    Once again, sorry about the rejected posts and I hope you'll keep on reading the blog and commenting.

  3. While we're all sad about the lack of camera on the new iPod touch. I have to applaud Apple for lowering the price and for pushing another high performance device out.

    I don't think people understand how much faster and more robust the 3GS is (and the new 32G/64G model touch).

    Seriously folks the CPU in these models will drive more innovation in the hand-held music space than any things else.

    The tricky part from an app developer perspective is platform fragmentation. There are now something like 25M iPhone EDGE, iPhone 3G and iPod touch-1st gen devices out that are seriously behind the curve in terms of performance.

  4. I not happy about the whole thing because Apple wasn't consistent on the touch upgrade. Sure they lowered the price to $199, but you're not getting the upgraded unit. Only the 32gb/64gb versions get the new CPU/GPU and Ram. I was ready to buy my THIRD idevice yesterday, but I'm not gonna shell out another $299 just to get the feature I want. (more performance) I would have much rather payed the $229 to get an upgraded 8gb touch instead of the same thing at $199.

  5. I think it was a let down overall althought I like the idea of the new Nano I can't understand why you'd have a video camera and no stills?

    I still think that the Touch is worth the money though and a 64gb device is excellent.

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