Seno DS manual part one

Seno DS manual part 1 here. Looks good doesn’t it?

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Learn Processing with Peter Kirn

Now the holidays are over I think it is time to pick up some new skills. Why not learn processing with Peter here.

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AudioTools by Studio Six Digital

Ages ago I covered some apps like this, but haven’t for quite some time. This one from Studio Six Digital seems quite good as it has a whole bunch of functions in one app and will be getting more via in app purchase soon. It also will work with their iAudioInterface device which they are working on. Here’s the detail:

Included in the app now:

  • SPL Meter — The popular analog sound level meter, now with increased range to work with the iAudioInterface microphone.
  • RTA — Octave and 1/3 octave spectral analysis.
  • Level / Frequency — measure the dB level and frequency of the iAudioInterface line input (also works with any dock input audio source).
  • Audio Scope — (Coming Soon) A dual-trace audio-band oscilloscope that includes auto- and single-trigger modes, variable sweep rate, and up to 128x gain.
  • Generator — Audio signal generator that include sine waves, square waves, white noise, and pink noise. The noise signals may be octave-band limited.

Apps available as in-app purchases:
Not everyone will want or need every function. Choose just the ones that fit your needs, now, or anytime that you might need them.

  • FFT — (Coming Soon) Fast Fourier Transform analysis for extremely detailed acoustics work.
  • SPL Pro — (Coming Soon) Our professional digital SPL meter. Includes peak hold, LEQ, octave band filters, and more.
  • SPL Graph — (Coming Soon) Plot SPL over time (up to 24 hours) and optionally record the audio. Supports A,C, and octave-band weightings.
  • ETC — (Coming Soon) Energy TIme Curve. Plots the decay of an impulse over time. Also computes RT60 from the curve.
  • Speaker Polarity — Determines speaker polarity by analyzing a proprietary signal.

Other features:

  • Calibration — Calibration of iAudioInterface, as well as the internal mic is supported. You can also calibrate other input sources.
  • Save results — Results for the RTA, FFT, SPL Graph, SPL Pro, ETC and Audio Scope functions may be saved and recalled at a later time. You can also save screen shots of these functions.
  • Export results — Saved results may also be exported to any PC or Mac using a we browser. Results are stored in comma-delimited format for input into a spreadsheet or other analysis tool.

AudioTools at the app store:

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Chop DJ Lite

ChopDJ now has a lite version if you want to try it out to see what it can do.

ChopDJ lite
ChopDj lite

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Poll for Olivier’s new software

Well, the poll finished yesterday with Android being the winner. If I could get that VMWare thing that let’s you run Android on WinMo I’d change my vote to Android now.

Of course this won’t change what’s he’s doing, but it is interesting. Let’s hope he posts an update on his project soon.

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Hollow Sun on mySpace

MatrixSynth posts on Hollow Sun being on MySpace. You might remember Hollow Sun from a couple of excellent sample packs for Bhajis Loops. Well, now they’re on MySpace!

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All Things DS-10 on update from DS-10 Japan site

All Things DS-10 posts a translated update from the DS-10 Japan site.

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Big day for Apple

Today being 09/09/09 is the day Apple choose to run their annual music update. There’s been lots and lots of talk about them having production problems with the alleged new iPods with cameras. I guess we’ll have to wait and see later on as to what they do put out. For me I’d like to see this lot:

  • iPhone OS 3.1
  • iTunes 9 with vastly improved app managements
  • Overhaul for app store categories and search

Not too much to ask for really. I don’t think there’ll be any big tablet announcement as yet, but maybe some other cool stuff. As for iPods with cameras, nice, but I can’t get too excited about it as yet.

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Android OS running on WinOS phone

This looks so cool! I wonder how it will cope with audio / music apps? Can it do other OS’s? The video is here, and the VMware page is here, but I couldn’t find a download for it.

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