Xewton Music Studio: First Impression

I had some time to play with this whilst on a train yesterday, and so far I am really impressed. Of course the moment I start playing with any app I start my own feature wishlist in my head, and I think most of them were covered in the previous post about the app in the comments.

Anyway, so far I’ve been very impressed with this little app. I’d say it is worth the £11.99 as it has a really comprehensive set of features. For me it looks and feels a lot like garageband on the mac, and that’s no bad thing really. I’ve found it easy to work with and responsive. The sound quality of the instruments is good and I liked the reverb on this app a lot. Creating and managing tracks was easy, but so far I haven’t tried an export to see how good that is.

I’m staring a forum thread to discuss features we’d like to see on this app, add your ideas here.

All in all I think that this is a great start for an app. It has loads of potential, I just hope that it is developed.

Xewton Music Studio at the app store:
Xewton Music Studio

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Kurt’s top 10 iPhone apps

Another top ten. This time from Kurt. In no particular order:

This app is truly made for a touch screen device. No other app gives you as much expressive control as Bebot. Plus it’s cute.
Bebot - Robot Synth

NLog Synth
My pick for the best sounding analog synth on the iPhone.
NLog Synthesizer

Amazing new app. Super tweak-able sounds, great looping/stutter effects in “performance mode”, great looking UI.

Without a doubt, the best drum machine/pad based sample player available for the iPhone.

Star Melody
Super simple/beautiful UI and great sounds. I have created many melodies/song ideas on this app.
Star Melody

Sound Scope Space
Trip out and scare your pets all with one simple app. The “KUZMOSCILLATOR” is my favorite. Plus draw your own waves… It’s like an Asian Horror movie soundtrack creator.
Sound Scope Space

Xewton Music Studio
It’s like GarageBand on the iPhone… right down to the over dramatically lit, super detailed instrument illustrations. This app has just about everything an entry level DAW should have. ON YOUR PHONE! Unbelievable!
Xewton Music Studio

JR Hexatone Pro
Thinking way outside the box on this one, Amidio has changed the game for iPhone music creation apps. This thing is endless…
JR Hexatone? Pro

(iTM) Series: iTM Keys, iTM Matrix, iTM Pad, iTM Tilt, iTM MCU, iTM Dj – http://www.itouchmidi.com/
Midi control made easy. Download the iPhone app and the desktop app, run, connect, assign controls, done.
Silicon Studios

Midi control made hardcore: Not quite as easy to get running as the iTM series but so much more power. And with the latest release of TouchOSC Editor you can create custom layouts on your laptop/desktop and upload them to your iPhone. Limitless…..

Thanks to Kurt Lorenz for his top ten apps.

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Vote for Nitrotracker

Vote for Nitrotracker at R4Revolution. On the subject of Nitrotracker, here’s some news:

By the way, NitroTracker development is still going on. I’m working on a new user interface library for NitroTracker and Pocket Physics which will be open source and will hopefully enable easier app development. And NitroTracker will become open source as well! As always, the release date is “When it’s done”. Thinking about it, “Coming winter” might also be accurate 🙂

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Moonbuz on DS-10 performance guide book

Moonbuz posts on this performance guide for the DS-10.

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