CDM Says Beaterator is way powerful stuff …

CDM says Beaterator is really powerful stuff, and possibly better than the great DS-10!!! I’m not sure that it is enough to make me buy a PSP, but then again it is also coming to the iPod Touch / iPhone, so I can grab it there and I assume it’ll be the same. I hope so anyway.

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  1. no, it'll be better on iPhhone vs PSP simply because you won't be stuck using a stick, d-pad, and buttons to tweak things 😀

  2. If the interface is small and was made for the PSP, then a D-Pad might be the better option. For example, I would not like to use PSP Rhythm 8 on the iphone, eventhough it's an awesome app on the PSP. Only time will tell, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will get optimized for the idevices.

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