Some really old handheld musical instruments

I spent some time at the Horniman museum today. They have a great collection of musical instruments so I took a few pictures of some older handheld instruments.

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CDM Says Beaterator is way powerful stuff …

CDM says Beaterator is really powerful stuff, and possibly better than the great DS-10!!! I’m not sure that it is enough to make me buy a PSP, but then again it is also coming to the iPod Touch / iPhone, so I can grab it there and I assume it’ll be the same. I hope so anyway.

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DSi Sound Deeeeeep

Good track care of All Things DS-10.

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FourTrack artist page

FourTrack has published a page showing all of the artists using their iPhone app. I didn’t realise there were so many!

FourTrack at the app store:

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GameSalad iPhone publishing coming soon …

Looks like it might be time to check out the gamesalad creator …

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Slice contest

Slice beat juggling app from strange agency on Vimeo.

Somehow I’d missed this upcoming app from the Strange Agency, it looks like a lot of fun, and they’re running a contest for people to submit loops to go into the app when it launches. You’ve only got until the 11th of this month to submit though.

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LaDiDa Demo from khush on Vimeo.

That is so weird. Could that be a great tool for iPhone Music? (via Synthtopia).

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Tiltshift Generator

I got this app yesterday, and it is great. TiltShift refers to the use of the camera by tilting the lens relative to the image plane and using a large aperture to achieve a very shallow depth of field (wikipedia).

You can choose either a photo from your album or take a new shot. You can then switch between different modes including ability to change circle or strip blur effect, change the colour saturation, brightness and contrast, The app lets you save to your camera roll and export to twitter too, which is excellent.

All in all really worth the £0.59!
TiltShift Generator

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Duracell Instant Chargers

These look pretty cool!

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