Rob’s top 10 iPhone Music Apps

Ok, here’s another top 10 iPhone music apps, this time from Robman, author of the great Musique non Talent blog.

I can get so much out of this. I can even play it on the move, like walking to the shops! The sound is phenomenal.
Bebot - Robot Synth

the snares, the toms, the kicks. Just like 1980.

more fun live than it should be. Still the most “accomplished” music composition app.

t’s the finest guitar simulator on any platform I know.
iShred: Guitar + Effects

Wivi band
seriously, physical-modelling wind instruments with (rudimentary) breath control. On your iPhone. Unbelievable.
Wivi Band? 15-in-1

finally displaced Cowbell Plus as my percussion weapon of choice. So much playability in there!

fantastic virtual analogue synth. Getting better all the time.
NLog Synthesizer

the most playable 2 synth/1 sampled drum app I own. Again, performance control is the key.

Looptastic producer
needs a few more features (poke poke) but my favourite loop-based app.
Looptastic Producer

just scratching the surface, but a mighty impressive start. Sampling is cool.

Wow, that was hard! Even after some recent “harsh” spring-cleaning I still have 77 music-related apps on my iPod, so choosing 10 was tricky.

Rob, I know what you mean about choosing just 10, and the 10 will change on a regular basis. Mine is for sure.

If you’d like to share your top 10 iPhone music apps just email in to the blog. See the contact box on the side bar.

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Sound Warp

Sound Warp is a new app from the makers of Looptastic. The app store write up says it is a technology preview for their Granular Antigravity Engine! Also, this app is free at the moment as an introductory price.

Introducing Sound Warp, a radical new way to manipulate sound on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Explore new dimensions of time and texture with our Granular Antigravity Engine. Start with the built-in loops, record your own, or even import audio files over Wi-Fi.

Create amazing and bizarre alterations using the power of the Orb. The Orb responds to gravity and your touch. Bounce, tap, and throw the Orb hear the sounds of another world.

Play audio backwards, forwards, frozen in time, and everywhere in between.
•Control the pitch independently from the playback speed.
•Start warping right away with the 8 built-in sounds, including drums, textures, and vocals.
•Record more sounds from the microphone (requires iPhone or iPod Touch 2G with external mic).
•Import WAV or AIFF files over Wi-Fi.
•Zoom into hyperspace with the built-in feedback echo.
•Hurl the Orb through 5 gravity modes, including Earth, Outer Space, and Bouncy House.

Sound Warp at the app store
Sound Warp

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