Concretedog: Edge of Sleep

Concretedog’s new track made using only a GBA. Not bad at all. Listen to it here.

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Star6 contest

Star6 are running a contest to find the best video of someone using Star6. Check out the contest details here.

Check out Star6 at the app store:

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Well, it isn’t an iPhone app …

So what could it be? Read what Olivier says about his new project:

A couple of days ago, I could make 80% of the functionality work. I spent the whole night playing with it and I had a very good time – I just love it!

I am now working on the remaining 20% of the functionality, which is much harder and requires a totally different set of skills.

After that… don’t know… I hesitate between releasing as is, as an open project, and restarting something more ambitious from scratch (now that I have a better understanding of what I am doing) ; or push this thing, no matter how imperfect, to the end.

If this was, say, an iphone app, this would have taken 2 or 3 months. This is obviously not an iphone app, so the development process is totally different.

Is there anything developing an iphone app would have taught me that I hadn’t learned while developing Bhajis Loops? I don’t think so. Plenty of CPU power, uber-cool development libs like nui… No wonder why everybody is doing it. I love projects that make me feel ignorant and give me a urge to learn – and that is precisely why I do what I am doing…

So, what platform is it then?

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A dual OS Smartphone!

Impressive new smartphone. Chinese shanzhaiji make Sunno presents the S880, a smartphone that runs dual OS, Android and Windows Mobile. The S880 has borrowed some design element from Sony Ericsson’s Idou. The dual OS phone is equipped with a 806MHz processor, 256MB RAM.

Sunno S880 packs a 3.6-inch touchscreen, GPS receiver and WiFi connectivity. You can also find a 8 Megapixel camera. The phone is expected to come on 15 October.

If I didn’t have an iPhone I think that something like this would be quite tempting

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Four Tiny Drum Machines (via Matrixsynth)

four tiny drum machines from ALH84001 on Vimeo.

Four tiny drum machines with analog sound, IR wireless network, and photocell control.

One drum is running through a DigiTech Synth Wah pedal. The other three are mixed dry. The mix is playing through a guitar amp.

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New RJDJ app in review for a month!

Is that normal? For an app to be in review for a month? It sounds like way to long in my book.

RJDJ apps at the app store:
Reality Jockey Ltd.

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Wouldn’t this be brilliant on the iPhone?

I think that this would be great if it was on an iPhone. I’m still a bit surprised that no one has integrated AudioBoo into their app directly. Is that something that ioLibrary could do?

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