Thump (for) the iPhone

Thump is a 2 synths 1 drum machine app that is coming to the iPhone soon. Whilst the format has been done before by the likes of Technobox and Randgrid Thump has a great looking interface with a piano roll too (I love a piano roll).

I don’t know when this is coming, but as soon as it does I’ll take a look.

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  1. Just downloaded the os x version of this from the link provided. Thought I was just getting the sample uploading client, but it's actually the full version of what I am imagine the iphone app will be…nice! Playing with it now.


  2. Agreed that Bleep!Box is a very, very tough act to follow (it's freaking awesome, as a friend of mine put it!), but there is quite a lot of room for tweaking in this app. In some ways the simplicity and usability of it's ui makes it seem toylike in comparison and hides some of it's depth. It does have a lot of potential in the use of your own samples. I'm still on the fence about it, but had a lot of fun playing around nevertheless – and the dev's main site is very interesting. Interested to hear what others think.


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