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Even more new features for Bleep!Box according to this news:

I’ve been working on features for the first update of bleep!BOX. The first enables patch sharing and file io over Wifi. I also implemented .WAV recording. You can export .wav files over wifi as well. Once nice thing about the .wav recording is that it includes slice points, which should make it easy to get these files up and running in your sequencer/sampler of choice.

BleepBox at the app store:

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  1. I downloaded this earlier today- and I'm rather impressed. It's a lot better than anything else we've seen recently- including, I hasten to add…ahem….Sunvox. It's rather like having a Korg ER1 and a Korg EA1, but in your pocket. There are a few things I'd like to see improved- especially like when you are getting patterns as I wish Bleep!BOX would remember where you were, rather than just going to the beginning of the list, and it would also be nice if B!B would display the pattern you are playing while loading the next pattern, but I suppose these are minor issues I can mail the developer about.

    All in all, a great iPhone music making app. The interface is also brilliant- no need for a manual either (Randgrid take note!) and very Apple too- unlike interface horrors such as BeatMaker, Noise IO etc, and B!B doesn't sound like another bloody TR/TB ripoff either! Awesome 😀

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