More on Bleep!Box new features

Even more new features for Bleep!Box according to this news:

I’ve been working on features for the first update of bleep!BOX. The first enables patch sharing and file io over Wifi. I also implemented .WAV recording. You can export .wav files over wifi as well. Once nice thing about the .wav recording is that it includes slice points, which should make it easy to get these files up and running in your sequencer/sampler of choice.

BleepBox at the app store:

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Hitchcock – Storyboards for the iPhone

Storyboards aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but if they are then you’ll love this app. It makes creating storyboards on the go a reality. It is an expensive app at £11.99, but for what you get it is excellent. Check out the video here, which will give you a good overview of what you’re going to get for your money.

Hitchcock at the app store:

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This is another app I missed while away. Again, I’m not sure about it but would be interested in people’s views on it.

VocaForm at the app store:

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When the lite version of this app came out I had a brief play with it and didn’t really get on with it. Now that it has appeared as a ‘full’ version (priced at over £5) I’m wondering if I should check it out or not.

Anyone have any feedback on this synth app?

Euno at the app store:

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Another DS-10 blog, and a community too

Thanks to Michael and his DS-10 blog, and now a DS-10 community too. Amazing.

According to a comment left by Michael, he’s made some videos using flipbook DS. Michael, if you read this please let me know if there are any of your videos available online.

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Mujik update coming

Mujik will be getting new sounds and save states in the next update, and it is still only £0.59!!

Mujik at the app store:

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A128 has moved

A128 blog (maker of Seno DS) has moved to this address:

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