Looptastic Gold

Looptastic Gold is the latest version of this great DJ app. Gold has a built in loop store so you can buy loop sets right there in the app itself. Here’s what to expect from the loop store:

With Looptastic Gold’s integrated Loop Store, customers can audition, buy, and download new loops directly from their iPhone or iPod Touch. Get more loops without missing a beat!

Thanks to the e-commerce feature, we could also make Looptastic Gold a breakthrough in value: It comes with the same collection of preset loops as our flagship Looptastic Producer app for a tenth of the price.

And here’s an insider tip for your readers: Until Monday, August 24 (Pacific), the Hip Hop set is free. (It currently sells as a standalone product for $4.99 and will return to $3.99 as a Loop Store download on Tuesday.)

Looptastic Gold at the app store:
Looptastic Gold

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  1. I don't see a way to delete sets… like those 10 hip hop sets I downloaded just because they were free 😀 The “edit” button appears to do absolutely nothing unless I'm a nitwit…

    I suppose I could just delete the app and redownload 😀

  2. The Edit button allows you to delete individual performance recordings you make. That’s not really “editing” them, but it's a convention used in Apple’s own apps.

    The ability to delete individual Loop Sets might be handy, but the next version of Looptastic will enable you to load individual loops from any set into a mix, time-stretching each to sync to the master tempo. That should deliver much more value out of each sound.

    —David Battino
    (Looptastic consultant)

  3. The “mix & match & remix” feature 😉 is coming to both Looptastic Gold and Producer (the version that lets you load your own sounds). I can’t say yet whether the genre editions — Progressive, Minimal, Trance, etc. — will get it as well, but I’m hopeful. Feel free to email support [at] soundtrends.com with suggestions.

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