MeTeoR, will there ever be an update?

I’ve been a big fan of MeTeoR since it came out. It is a must on my Axim rebuild list. But I wonder if we’ll ever see anything else come along for the first software based DAW? MeTeoR came out in May 2007 and has seen some small improvements since then, but nothing on the scale of the kind of regular updates you see for iPod Touch / iPhone apps.

A while back I wrote a post comparing it to iPhone multi-tracks at the time when RecTools08 hadn’t come out. Now I think that if RecTools can get some effects into it then it could outdo MeTeoR.

In so many ways windows mobile has been left behind, and the impact for users is that great apps like MeTeoR don’t make financial sense to invest in.

Will it change in the future? Maybe, but microsoft will need to to a lot to catch up and make it worthwhile for developers to put effort into great software like MeTeoR.

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  1. Ooh, I'm going to disagree on the comparison with Rectools. MeTeoR is in a different league – much more “pro” oriented as things *currently* stand. The automation, for example, is unmatched, and the effect options (inserts etc) are much more developed. But Rectools definitely has a more responsive interface than MeTeoR on my 620mhx device.

    I'd love to see Rectools developed to a similar standard, but equally I'd love to see MeTeoR ported to the iPhone. Other than real-time input monitoring (which I don't think is really going to ever happen), there was nothing I could think of to improve MeTeoR. It's the only truly complete DAW I know of that fits in your pocket.

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