Thoughts on Mujik

Since starting to use this app it has been a complete pleasure. I have to admit, I’m not sure quite what I was expecting from Mujik at the beginning, and I think to some degree I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the interface shown in the videos.

In many ways it reminds me of Electroplankton on the DS although in some ways with less possibilities. The interface itself is just a complete joy to use and simple enough to be fun for children too which I think is a big plus. If children can get interested in engaging music making then that is a big step in the right direction as far as I’m concerned.

I would like some enhancements to Mujik of course, but then you’d expect nothing else from me would you? Here’s a run down of what I’d have in my list:

Be able to start and stop a song / track (whatever we want to call it)
Record the track and store it / export it
Use the track with other apps (I don’t want to get into the discussion of recent days again here though)
More instruments and/or instrument controls

I think that’s probably enough for now.

I am really enjoying this app in a big way and I’d recommend it to anyone. Go enjoy some Mujik!

Get Mujik at the app store:

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Today in 2006: Capers, the one that got away

When I first started to hunt around for music making software on my Palm IIIx I stumbled over Capers, and was really excited by the prospect of a replacement operating system for the Palm OS that would focus on making music only.

I had high hopes for Capers which in the end came to nothing. I did write to Brian Whitman for months asking him to release the code so that someone else could maybe do something with it, but in the end nothing happened.

A shame, but I expect that there are thousands of software projects like this which never saw the light of day. Never mind.

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There’s still room for TrakAx Mobile

TrakAx is still a great app on Wndows Mobile, and the desktop too (although I’ve never used it there). I was hoping to see some more features come into TrakAx Mobile, but sadly it hasn’t been updated in a while, and even then it was the VGA version which got all the good stuff.

Having said all of that, it is still worth using, and I did a couple of things with it ages ago which I was pleased with at the time.

Here’s one I like, and the soundtrack was made with Griff:

Will we ever see a trackax for iPhone, or an update to the WinMo version? Who knows, it is a shame that it hasn’t moved in a long time, but that’s the way with software.

I’m hoping to still use trakAx where I can, so maybe I’ll do some more little films using it soon.

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Whatever happened to that Line6 thing?

When Apple announced iPhone OS 3.0 they demoed an app and hardware from Line6, which if I remember right all went wrong on the day? Anyway, whatever happened to all that? I had a look at their site and couldn’t find anything at all.

Anyone know if it is still happening?

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Spoke first impressions

Took a first look at Spoke this morning. I like the freedom of being able to put beats anywhere, but there seems to be a lag between going from one pattern to another, and I think it does need a wider range of samples in there.

Spoke at the app store:

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Nice DopplerPad track

This MP3 is using a new unreleased version of DopplerPad I think. I’m sure I can hear some new features in there. Really like the track though.

DopplerPad at the app store:

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Nanoloop keyboard on eBay

I don’t think that I’ve ever seen anything like this before, but it looks like a great way to use LSDJ live.

LSDJ Keyboard at eBay

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