Will we see any more YUDO apps?

YUDO started off really well and have made some great apps like RecTools, and SV-5, but they’ve been a bit quiet for a while now.

Ages ago they announced a schedule of development that I got really excited about, but so far only 8BitOne and RecTools08, and RecTools08 hasn’t got some of the features that YUDO had outlined.

I really hope that YUDO don’t give up on the iPhone music market as I think they have a lot to offer.

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  1. are people buying their apps? $20 RecTools8 is a lot of money for an app; a lot of people may not be willing to pay that.

    of course RecTools8 is also now $15 off and only $5 😀

  2. I downloaded 8bit last night they now have links to their site and the top japanese apps which they have a couple on the list including rec8.

    In japan they have the logitec adapter which is $60 so you can plug a stero source into the phone. Presently using the phone mike is ok but to be able to plug in or use a better live mike. Presently the Alysis and Blue Mikey are to expensive for most.

    I have been doing a lot of vocal and guitar things but am looking forward to be able to inport sounds from other synths on the iphone into rec8. And be able to plug my electric guitars in through a Pandora.

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