What’s your project?

I am always interested to know about readers’ projects and what you’re all up to. So once again I thought I’d write a quick post just to ask about what you’re doing and why. Please comment in details of your projects, or email them if that’s easier for you.

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  1. My project with a friend is Das Punkt (click my name for the soundcloud-page). Still, nothing incorporated from my iPhone apps, but this is something to do very quick. Everything we made up to now is done in Garageband (yep…).

    cheers, Floris

  2. Just finished a dvd of a short film made on flickbook ds. It includes all the songs from the album i just finished (made entirely on th korg ds 10). It also has two music videos done the same way (only there is video effects applied to the videos). And it also has two audio tracks that just have a jpeg moving in and out very slowly of the album cover.

    P.s. just got my ipaq working again, MeTeoR and clanger theremin are still awesome!

  3. Trying to get back into making music again to be honest. Like your blog, lots of good ideas and advice. Thanks.

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