Thoughts on Star6

I’ve spent a bit of time with Star6 now and I have to say I quite like it so far. I don’t I’ve completely got my head around the effects and how you can use them effectively together, but I think it could be a useful app for running your own loops through.

I’ve been mucking around with the built in loops and quite enjoying playing with the app. I can see it being quite good fun and having some performance potential too.

I can also see it being useful with a bunch of your own samples and used to create a mix of sorts. However, as you can only load 6 samples, and you don’t seem to be able to run samples simultaneously. That aside the processing of effects is very good.

I haven’t got into recording a session as yet although from the manual it looks straightforward enough. When I’ve done a bit more I’ll let you know.

Star6 at the app store:

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  1. I really enjoy playing with this. I added some of the extra sample packs available. There's a jazz-ish one that works really well with jittering and speed controls. Call it cheesy if you want but I also like doing pitch rolls when the sample is at its shortest loop!

    I hope they took on board some of the suggestions I made in your earlier post on Star6

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