Spoke from the Strange Agency

The Strange Agency have released Spoke, their drum app. I think I’ve said before that this app reminds me a lot of SpinPad from miniMusic on the Palm.

Spoke at the app store:

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  1. No way is this going to replace JR Hexatone for me, but it's a great little intuitive interface for making drum loops. It's definitely fast and easy. Really needs the ability for more samples/kits and export though

    I wondered what it was on their site on the far left of the main site's trio of pics


  2. lol No, it's a picture of Spoke 😀 I remember looking at it and going “now what the hell could that be…?”

    at least it's been a pic of Spoke for the past couple days. Could have been something else earlier.


  3. I bought it and it is quite laggy… Moving the beats to the “timeline” is not so fast. The pieces can't follow the finger's speed, so I always need to keep my finger on the screen for a second to make sure the piece will be on the right place. Oh, and swapping the samples always cuts the sound for a second…

    I wonder if this is happening just with me… Oh, and yes, I rebooted the ipod!

    And I agree it needs more samples…

    Hexatone is my favorite pro drum app. I bought Spoke 'cause I also like to quickly make beats on the go, but I guess I'll keep using iDrum for that (loaded with my own samples).

    Don't get me wrong. I love The Strange Agency and their strange ideas. Curtis and Sound Scope Space are great apps. Let's wait for a Spoke update and see what they're planning for the future.


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