Mixtikl 1.5 becomes Mixtikl V2!

From this post from Pete Cole it seems that Mixtikl has morphed into v2 along the way, and could be further off than imagined.

Still, it has to be worth waiting for!

UPDATE: According to Pete Intermorphic are aiming for September for the iPhone app submission and other platforms too. So it will depend on Apple as to when it gets into the app store.

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  1. What is happening?

    – We've done a lot of work under the water line, which is letting us use some *stunning* generative content via the built-in Noatikl music engine and Partikl synth.
    – We've added browser plug-ins for both Windows and Mac!
    – We've done *major* UI rework – now works a treat on iPod / iPhone.
    – Mixtikl V2 is the first truly trans-platform, multi-content-mashing, generative enhanced music tool
    – We're just a few weeks away from release
    – We're not rushing it out the door, as we want this to be so good that you say *wow* when you first run it and hear it! And, frankly, I think we're going to get that reaction from a few people. 🙂


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