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Robman pointed me at a bunch of new DJ apps, a couple of which I hadn’t noticed yet, so I thought I’d do a bit of a round up of DJ apps of the last few days.

The first is Quixpin. I’ve seen a few apps that remind me of this one. The main drawback with this (and many others) is that you have to load you music in via wifi server rather than use the iPod library. I know that virtually all DJ apps have this problem at the moment, and that this is largely down to Apple’s restrictions, but it is an issue nonetheless. It has a nice looking interface though.

Quixpin at the app store:
Quixpin DJ

Next is Groovemaker

This app comes in a number of flavours, one of which is a free one. Groovemaker is a loop DJ app rather than one that works with whole tracks (I don’t know if that’s a proper distinction in DJ terminology). Anyway, I don’t know how this app stacks up against apps like Looptastic or SurfaceDJ, but I’ll give it a go using the free version and see.

Groovemaker versions at the app store:
IK Multimedia

Next is Hot Wax DJ player:

This app is another track based DJ app. The description on iTunes says you can upload music from iTunes. I’m a little unclear about that as I think it means via wifi server like other DJ apps.

Anyway, there isn’t a free version of this so if you’ve got it or tried it please let me know what it is like.

Hot Wax DJ Player at the app store:
Hot Wax DJ Player

Last but not least is ChopDJ

ChopDJ looks less like a DJ app and more like an effects processor for wave files. In my book that’s a good thing. I’m hoping that I’ve got that right.

Anyway, I might give this a go soon.

ChopDJ at the app store:

Last of course is the forthcoming Amidio Touch DJ, but aside from the video for that track I can’t tell you anything at all.

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  1. You write “I know that virtually all DJ apps have this problem at the moment, and that this is largely down to Apple's restrictions”.

    In fact since the v3.0 of the firmware, there is no more restrictions about using the music library of the iPhone. I think that all this applications should soon be able to use the library.
    I've been quite amazed by the Touch DJ video you put here yesterday, and I can't believe that they won't use the standard music library…

  2. just gotta say that i got ChopDj yesterday and I really like it. It automatically established cue points along the entire song so you can beat juggle or even rearrange the song. definitely very useful for sampling or live drumming.

    love the blog…

  3. Hi CafardNaum, you're right that 3.0 allows ipod library access, but I'm not sure what that means for developers and if it gives them access to do DJ type stuff with the library rather than just play tracks.

    Anon, thanks for the comment on ChopDJ. I think I have to give it a go now.

  4. Hot Wax DJ is a joke. I tried the free version one night which to took me forever to download. The crossfader doesnt work properly and the volume is too low. Dont even try the full version unless you are sure that they made improvments.

  5. Thanks for the Quixpin mention! We're really excited to have our app in the app store and are working on the next version right now.

    We wish that we could get access to the iPhone library, hopefully one day we will. It should also be noted that most apps also can only use WAV files right now. This is in part due to performance and limitations in interacting with compressed audio. Quixpin is currently compatible with Mono MP2 files as it is well optimized for speed and much smaller than a full WAV file. We are working to optimize stereo MP3 compatibility.

    We've recently posted a couple of demonstration videos on YouTube. They are linked to from our site.

    If you'd like to do a complete review, please let us know.

    Thanks again.

    – The Quixonic Team

  6. I've tried Groovemaker free for a while, and I must say it's so much more powerful than looptastic! I wouldn't even compare the two. While Looptastic has a more simplistic, remix-oriented approach, I'd rather compare Groovemaker with something like Ableton Live. On-The-Fly selection of loops for 8 different slots (a bit like Live's Session View), a sequencer (a bit like Live's Arrange View), Beat-synced start/stop of loops, vol/pan per slot, TAP tempo, storing a snapshot of current “session” by just one button-click. Very sophisticated for a free app (comes with one free sound set), but here's the catch: You cannot import your own samples – you're bound th IK's sound packs.
    Otherwise it'd be a fantastic app!

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