Thoughts on Star6

I’ve spent a bit of time with Star6 now and I have to say I quite like it so far. I don’t I’ve completely got my head around the effects and how you can use them effectively together, but I think it could be a useful app for running your own loops through.

I’ve been mucking around with the built in loops and quite enjoying playing with the app. I can see it being quite good fun and having some performance potential too.

I can also see it being useful with a bunch of your own samples and used to create a mix of sorts. However, as you can only load 6 samples, and you don’t seem to be able to run samples simultaneously. That aside the processing of effects is very good.

I haven’t got into recording a session as yet although from the manual it looks straightforward enough. When I’ve done a bit more I’ll let you know.

Star6 at the app store:

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YUDO apps on sale

Lots of the YUDO apps are currently on sale at the app store. I don’t know when the apps will return to their normal prices as they say “Summer Campaign” and in the UK who knows what that means! The only exception is 8bitone which says it has a limited 50% off. Anyway, you can get RecTools08, RecTools02, SV-5, and 8Bitone cheap for the time being.

Also, there’s a RecTools02 lite and a RecTools08 lite as well although you can’t save with these versions.

YUDO apps at the app store:
Yudo Inc.

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Instant Drummer from Sonoma

I had missed this when I got sent the link for the video. It is being made by Sonoma who made FourTrack, and will eventually work with their FourTrack app too.

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Collaborative music with ZoozBeat Pro

I was playing with this yesterday using an iPhone and a 2G iPod Touch upgraded to 3.0. It was great fun running both in “Hot Potato” mode. You make a beat than pass the track over to the other device and then back. Really enjoyed playing around with it.

I’ll have to make a video of it and post it up as it really needs to be seen to be understood.

Zoozbeat Pro at the app store:

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Spoke from the Strange Agency

The Strange Agency have released Spoke, their drum app. I think I’ve said before that this app reminds me a lot of SpinPad from miniMusic on the Palm.

Spoke at the app store:

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iLounge on Microsoft luring iPhone devs to Zune

This is an interesting post at iLounge about Microsoft’s attempts to get iPhone devs to port to the Zune. I wonder if they’ll get any takers.

I’m also interested in developers views on if they’d port their code to Zune?

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How did they get away with that?

So much for Apple not allowing emulators then! How much more of an emulator can you get? Of course, you can’t use anything useful with this one, and I just can’t see home brew coming to this app, but even so, how did they let it on the app store?

Who knows, maybe Apple are beginning to change their view on emulators after all?

DS DoubleSys at the app store:
DS Double Sys

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BtBx update

A little while ago there was a lot of discussion around posting of app updates, but I decided to post this one as it took me by surprise. BtBx has been updated with new kits and a lower latency engine.

So, why did it take me by surprise? Mainly because I thought that this app had been long forgotten. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great to see an update to it, but I just wasn’t expecting it at all.

BtBx at the app store:

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Graphical elements that didn’t make it into Mujik

Mujik design process from Mike Greer on Vimeo.

I thought it would be fun to see the bits that didn’t get in too. Thanks Mike.

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Will we see any more YUDO apps?

YUDO started off really well and have made some great apps like RecTools, and SV-5, but they’ve been a bit quiet for a while now.

Ages ago they announced a schedule of development that I got really excited about, but so far only 8BitOne and RecTools08, and RecTools08 hasn’t got some of the features that YUDO had outlined.

I really hope that YUDO don’t give up on the iPhone music market as I think they have a lot to offer.

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