Zune HD available 15th Sept

Microsoft’s answer to the iPod Touch is available from the 15th of September. I have to ask myself if it is really going to make an impact. There’s been little or no mention of any kind of apps that can run on it, although there was some talk about XBox integration early on I don’t know where that’s got to.

Will it make a difference?

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  1. the original Zune didn't hurt the iPod; I'm guessing this will be much the same. While I'd be totally down with a portable from MS w/ xbox live arcade-like capabilities, I'm not sure this is it. i really don't know what all nvidia tegra is capable of. the price point could woo a lot of people who want a touch-screen mp3 player, I suppose; not too psyched about a windows mobile browser, but hey, it's better than absolutely nothing I guess.

    i suppose if people could develop for the platform that'd be a plus, but there's something like 50 million iphone/ipod touches out there; if I was a dev I know where my time and effort would be going =)

  2. I think it is being built from WinMo 6.5 framework so porting apps should be fairly easy. I think this device is too late in the game with no real compelling features to switch over; typical microsoft.

  3. Hmm, possible opportunity to enter into the portable gaming space? Let's face it, the iPod is doing a pretty good job in there alongside the PSP and DS. I've spent a lot more on iPod games recently than on DS games.

    I'm fairly excited, but there isn't much there that isn't already in high end winmo phones.

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