Phoenix Studio for Windows Mobile

I’ve been looking at what to put on my Axim (X51) and someone mentioned Phoenix Studio on a comment at Facebook. I’d forgotten about this app completely, but it is nice to be reminded of it.

Phoenix Studio for Windows Mobile (or rather Pocket PC) was brilliant when it came out. In many ways it is like apps like Technobox and iSyn on the iPhone now, but you have to remember that this app came out in 2002 and at the time I thought it was brilliant to say the least. It is still a useful app, and I’m going to get it loaded up on my Axim again to revisit what it can do.

If you’re interested in it, you can still get it here.

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  1. Aye, the demo of this still lives on my Loox 720 and my Glofiish. IIRC the demo doesn't let you try the sequencer, but you can play with everything else. Interesting to look at the price (not outrageous by PPC standards of the time, or even now) and imagine an iPhone app like that coming out at that price. Walls would crumble under the combined weight of complaints!!

  2. I've had Phoenix Studio for quite some time and I think it's really quite brilliant. It has more “instant gratification” value than Griff and it sounds really fantastic.

    Now that I've finally bitten the bullet and gotten myself an ITouch, I'm finding that the apps seem to be more performance oriented, and not really oriented towards creating songs. Any suggestions?

  3. Robman, I think you're right on price, but odd to think that this kind of differential is ok.

    Pierre, I know what you mean about performance driven apps. Other more composition driven apps would be:


    Anyone else chip in with suggestions?

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