Touch DJ

Amidio at it again, this time moving into the DJ space. Looks like it could be great to play with.

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What will PatternMusic be?

The site gives away very little except to say:

PatternMusic is a visually delightful new music creation app for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Create compelling, original music as well as play along with the music in your iPhone or iPod music library.

All sounds very interesting, but it looks like we’ll need to wait a week or so to find out more.

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The Mujik website

I’ve gotta say that I love the Mujik site. Just like the app it is a thing of beauty.

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Zune HD available 15th Sept

Microsoft’s answer to the iPod Touch is available from the 15th of September. I have to ask myself if it is really going to make an impact. There’s been little or no mention of any kind of apps that can run on it, although there was some talk about XBox integration early on I don’t know where that’s got to.

Will it make a difference?

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Discuss the current state of mobile music on SoundCloud

Join the discussion on SoundCloud about the state of mobile music making.

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Anyone using Reware as yet?

I’ve been meaning to get to this project, but with little success so far. I’m interested to know if anyone else has tried reware on an old Palm OS device?

Any thoughts / tips etc would be very welcome indeed.

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When are those bugs coming?

I’m still waiting on some news about the BugLabs modules being available in the UK. Originally they were saying 3rd quarter, and that’s not too far off now, so when and how much is what I want to know.

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