Apps I’d like to see use ioLibrary

I thought I’d put together a list of some of the apps I’d like to see use Amidio’s ioLibrary to share audio data. Here’s my first thoughts:

I think that being able to put little clips of Mujik sound into other tracks would be brilliant, but there’s probably some work to do on Mujik before that’s possible.

Exporting you performances from RJ would be great and give a really interesting sound to music. I’d like to use it for percussion and rhythm tracks.

What can I say, Dr Who sound tracks are possible on the iPhone due to MegaSynth, so I think it is a must to be able to use the sound elsewhere.

Much the same as megasynth.

Great rhythm tracks and sold bass sounds. It makes huge sense to have dopplerpad in the library.

For me I love the experimental nature of Jasuto and for making textures and atmospheres I would love to be able to export and use files in other tracks. Endless possibilities.

NLog makes great sounds, and I think I’d want to be able to use those in any songs I made.

I like Pianofly for soft textures and sweeps and I think it would work well with things like Jasuto too.

It’d be great to get some vocoder samples in that I’d made myself.

Sunvox is going to use ioLibrary I believe, and this along with Hexatone would be great for making backing tracks and the backbone of songs.

I quite like using field recordings inside music, so having FIRe included makes sense for me.

Sound Scope Space
I’m not sure how you’d use this one, but it would be fun if nothing else.

RecTools08 (and RecTools16)
If I could take samples and loops into RecTools08 then I think you’ve got an amazing toolkit to play with. I hope YUDO continue to pursue developing their apps.

Of course, I’d like to add Mixtikl to the list when it is available.

Are there any I’ve missed? Any that you think are top priority?

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  1. I know Randgrid had contacted Intua and Amidio (I assume Amidio for the ioLibrary).

    TechnoBox, Psynth, Aura, Euphonics… Lol. Nearly anything I can get my hands on; if it integrates easily on the device I'm more likely to buy or keep using it for mobile composing. Exporting to my laptop over wifi to import back to the iPhone again to another app is cumbersome. I might as well use a full DAW at that point and export sounds to it only once


  2. Hi
    I totally share the desire to exchange sounds and other media content between apps from an user perspective. Richard puts out a very deep analysis what the ioLib is in terms of legal and marketing aspets. And I have respect to the guys who engineered the lib. I mostly agree with all these comments. But I like to put another view to it: Exchange of data by means of files is a technology available since decades. The iPhone OS is based on one
    of the most advanced kernels like Mach, Unix BSD etc. So there is all we need already there. Now Apple came and put se restrictions to the apps in terms of file system access. Writing a lib which circumvents the restrictions is very tough, so they have my respect. But it is the wrong solution to the right problem. Apple needs simple open up the filesystem restrictions like a for a common data directory or better allow storage and read from the media lib. I know as a user I would say: Who cares, if these guys have a good solution which works, just use it. But on the other hand if you want full freedom, jailbeak it and you have it, except – oh 😉 – the app store. Coming back to the point: I do not want workarounds, better get the right thing.



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