RecTools08, RecTools16?

It has been a while since we saw an update to RecTools08. Originally the app had promised effects, a synth, drum machine and more to be added to this unique multi-track on the iPhone, but there has been no news for a while now.

There was even a hint (more than a hint really) of a RecTools16 for the iPhone too, but again, no news at all so far.

It would be such a shame if these promising apps didn’t get enough sales to justify updates and rich functionality, so I’m really hoping that we’ll hear something on these soon.

RecTools08 at the app store:
Rectools08pro Multi Track Recorder

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  1. Did you notice the gigantic price drop? I'm really a bit miffed and peeved about this- I laid out a lot of money for this app, expecting it to be supported, and it's not- nothing. And then the huge price drop… All from a developer who I feel I support their products- I spend money, post reviews, spread the word in my community- and now this. I'm sorry, but I'm starting to feel a little punked, you know? $20 for an app and not a single update….

  2. I had an email from them a few weeks ago in which they stated that they felt the iPhone was not powerful enough to handle 16 tracks of audio so they were putting it on hold.
    They have a Japanese blog which posts pictures of a rectools prototype shoeing effects and a piano.

    In other news they also state on their site that the alesis protack works with iPhone. It does. I own one.


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