Some thoughts from the DopplerPad devs

After all the comments and suggestions we all made about DopplerPad I’m pleased to give you some response from the developers:

I’ve been reading comments about DopplerPad at Palm Sounds. It’s really great to get feedback from users so I thought I would take some time to respond and share some thoughts. We are hoping to submit an update to Apple this week, but I am not going to promise any features.

1) Start Pad A and Pad B in sync: Anytime you tell a Pad to play or record, they should be in sync. We have discovered an issue here and we are working to fix it asap. In our next version, if you press and hold both play buttons and then release, they will both start at the same time in sync.

2) Quantize: DopplerPad is designed to be a live instrument rather then an editor. I am able to get quantizing effects using the gate. I encourage users to try this. Of course it won’t help you if you are late.

3) Undo: One of my favorite things about an instrument is the happy accidents that can occur while using it. That said, it’s frustrating when you miss one note and mess up the groove. I would love to see an undo that can be used in a musical way. Adding and removing layers would be extremely exciting.

4) Presets (edit filters, waveforms, xy parameter mapping): DopplerPad’s main sound generator is a full fledged synthesizer with some really cool features. Internally we have a patch/instrument editor that enables sound designers to build the instruments, but it would take some work to make something that we could include with DopplerPad.

5) Import: This would be extremely useful. It’s a matter of deciding the best way to get sounds on the iPhone. I often wish the iPhone would just show up as a USB device, and each App could publish folders where sounds could easily be dropped. FourTrack and Recorder each use wifi sync for getting audio off of the device, and you can use this technique to get audio onto the device, but it’s difficult to copy many files at once this way. The other option is a companion application that helps to manage your audio content. We are still discussing the best way to import.

6) Sampler as an instrument: I think we have a few exciting things happening here, but I can’t give anything away. 😉

7) Integration with other apps: It’s pretty clear that we are going to do what we can to integrate with FourTrack. Personally I’m hoping we can integrate with other great audio apps as well. Import from or Beatmaker could be really cool. No official word on when FourTrack integration will be completed, but it is a priority.

…and I am out of time. Back to working on DopplerPad. We are always interested in your feedback. Keep it coming!

So, some good things to look forward to from DopplerPad, but as always developers don’t like to give up exactly what they have in the pipe and why should they?

DopplerPad at the app store:

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Alesis ProTrack

I was looking at prices for the ProTrack as I’m still just about toying with the idea of getting one, and I found this deal at Dolphin music which looks really good.

One thing that bothers me is that nowhere on the Alesis site does it mention compatibility with the iPhone or Touch, and it seems like a lot of money to end up sending back the device.

If anyone has one of these and is using it with a Touch or iPhone please let me know what your experience with it has been like, I’d really appreciate it.

Anyway, the link to Dolphin is just below and I hope it helps anyone who’s looking for a good deal on the ProTrack.

Alesis ProTrack + Headphones at Dolphin

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Make Elvis on your DS-10!!!

If I hadn’t seen this I wouldn’t really believe it. All you DS-10 fans take a look at this competition. You’ve got until the 30th of September to get your entries in and the winner is announced on the 31st of October.

Well, it’ll be one to watch that’s all I can say.

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RecTools08, RecTools16?

It has been a while since we saw an update to RecTools08. Originally the app had promised effects, a synth, drum machine and more to be added to this unique multi-track on the iPhone, but there has been no news for a while now.

There was even a hint (more than a hint really) of a RecTools16 for the iPhone too, but again, no news at all so far.

It would be such a shame if these promising apps didn’t get enough sales to justify updates and rich functionality, so I’m really hoping that we’ll hear something on these soon.

RecTools08 at the app store:
Rectools08pro Multi Track Recorder

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Musique non talent is waiting on ports …

Musique non talent is waiting on some ports on some of the best music and audio apps in the handheld world, and I have to agree that I’d love to see some of these too, but I dare say we might wait a long time for these, if they ever come about.

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Amidio working to get ioLibrary out for all

Amidio have just posted a tweet saying they are aiming to get their ioLibrary module out for everyone today. I think this will be great if developers can get ioLibrary into their apps and so get music and audio apps all working together on the iPhone. It could make the platform really come alive and allow samples and loops become the building blocks of music production on the iPhone.

I wonder if MIDI would work with it too?

Amidio at the app store:
Amidio Inc.

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