Arduino book available as an app

Now you can get started with your Arduino using your iPhone, at least you can read about it anyway.

Getting started with Arduino ebook available at the app store:
Getting Started with Arduino

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Last of the BC8’s

According to the Chimera site the BC8 is on the way out. Sad when they go.

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Gnat synth on eBay

I’d still love one of these at a reasonable price, but I don’t think that this is a reasonable price. I’d still love someone to build a gnat synth on the iPhone, but there don’t seem to be any takers as yet.

Anyway, interesting to see the price that this goes for in the end.

Gnat synth at eBay

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New Poll

There’s been a number of comments about having a wiki / forum and other stuff, so I though I’d ask for what you all really want from Palm Sounds.

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iPhone controller concept

Nice concept from Synthtopia. It made me think that I’d love to see the OP-1 from Teenage engineering have some kind of iPhone integration then that’d be brilliant.

I have to say I’m a bit surprised that we haven’t seen more hardware emerge for the iPhone. I thought we might see some keybpards and the like.

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Pix Remix lite version

Pix Remix have released a lite version of their excellent photo collage and slideshow app.

Pix Remix lite at the app store.

Pix Remix (full version) at the app store:
Pix Remix

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PalmInfocenter store sale

If you’re a palm or windows mobile user and there’s still some Palm OS you need then try the PalmInfocenter store as they have a sale on until tomorrow. Just use the code SURFSUP to get 20% off.

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