Well, as my previous post on Star6 caused so many comments I thought I really ought to try it out and see what it is like for real. So I’ve just bought it and I’m going to try it later on today and maybe post something tomorrow or the next day.

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  1. I think you'll enjoy it. I think what is a bit pants about some of the comments flying around on the net (not especially here) is that they seem to be directed at the guy that designed it (they infer that he didn't have much to do with it) and that his style of music is cheesy. That's like playing chopstick on a DX7 and someone saying therefore the DX7 must be crap and I hate Yamaha. Very odd!

    Anyway, Jason if you are reading:

    * Great fun app – thanks!
    * Effects need some work. Distortion is quite “noisy”, delay could be synced to BPM and filter is a bit noisy too.
    * Would be great if pressing the pad of the playing sound instantly re-triggered the loop. At the moment it doesn't do anything I think.
    * Needs to limit the accelerometer readings if possible to avoid the problem of the “mid-point” drifting. It is great to have the definable range, but once you go past that range your whole range shifts, if you know what I mean. So returning to the mid-point means you have to look at the screen rather than just return to where you started.
    * Optional “shake hard once to reset” would be cool.

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